by The Mimmos

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Rowboat is the debut EP by The Mimmos. It was recorded and mixed by Matt Caucci in Berwyn Pennsylvania. The drums for Come in Rover One, Speak Hands and A Fox in the Night were performed by Jeremy Kuhar and recorded by Barry Knob at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia. The Mimmos wish to thank Paula Hanson for tremendous advice and support with mix and mastering. The EP was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.


released December 29, 2015

All songs by The Mimmos (Amanda and Matt Caucci) ©2015

Amanda Caucci: vocals
Matt Caucci: guitars and keyboards, drums on The Rowboat
Jeremy Kuhar: drums on Come in Rover One, Speak Hands and A Fox in the Night



all rights reserved


The Mimmos Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Mimmos are the alter ego of husband and wife songwriting team Amanda and Matt Caucci. Amanda sings and Matt plays the instruments.

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Track Name: Come In Rover One
that's your voice receding
taking you away
i pressed my hands against my ears
to try and make you stay
i thought your arms could pull me up into the sky
i try to see try to believe

tower do you copy
copy rover one
tell the ones i leave behind
they can find me in the sun
and i will burn in the sun so bright
that every star is just a faded sight to see
though nothing seems to move
the world is turning under you and me
try to believe

come in rove one
it's getting hard to hear
every passing orbit only static in my ear
and i will pray and swear each night
and every scar i wear is mine by right
and every quiet lonely night my shoulders shook
i tried to see to believe
but it hurt too much to look

tower do you copy
this is rover one
these will be the final words i send to anyone
the stars expand and race away from me
the space we shared it shows no trace of me
look up into the sky and show your face to me
and try to see you still remember me

and i was pinned against the ground
and every memory falling down
and you were locked in orbit around the sun
come in rover one
Track Name: Speak Hands
a crowd had formed where father lay
under the statue of old pompey
here come some antique piece of verse
o pardon me you bleeding piece of earth

the actors weep upon the stage
and fill the air with murderous rage
below i burn i curse and seethe
and damn them all with every breath i breathe

i rise after the fall with guarded heart
the art of knowing when to reconsider
i tried to justify this enterprise
i tried to sell my heart to the highest bidder

speak hands for me when words are gone
and buried in the dirt
and pardon me
and pardon me you bleeding piece of earth
Track Name: Rowboat
once i was young
and you were a sailing ship
the ocean was tame and yielded to you
now i row this little boat
beside your silent ghost
and cast us off into the sea
there we'll be free
to ponder every moment into eternity
and carefully to navigate
the latitudes of memory
and try to forget

that's when it hit me
that's when i realized
i couldn't remember that face i once memorized
and even in dreams you were harder to see
our rowboat was capsized
you went away from me

the waves were alive
with feverish cries
i thought i'd never see the sun again
and tethered though i was
to these devastating memories
i cast them off into the sea
then away into the breeze
to places that we'd never been
i will row this little boat
beside your silent ghost
into the sea and the wind
Track Name: A Fox In The Night
in a dream i'm in our room
the peeling paint
the leaking roof
that crumbling ruin
that we called home
we shake ourselves until we fall
in the yard the grass is tall
somewhere we hear our father call
but when the morning light woke the birds
we had no more use for words

now every night i lay awake
and dream about the great escape
over the walls and past the gate
silent like a fox in the night

try and quiet my pounding heart
this dumb contrivance is a work of art
its only wisdom when to stop and start
when to bend when to break

i dismantle every bridge i cross
i'm letting go of all that i lost
once i paced a moonlit kitchen floor
not anymore not anymore

though i have had to trade myself
subjugate and jade myself
i don't kid myself into thinking i
can every really leave the past behind
and every hour that i'm awake
i'll dream about the great escape
over the walls and past the gate
silent like a fox in the night